It's Great to be 8

We have been very excited lately two cute girls are turning eight so as tradition goes in our house we have to do a photo shoot of that special time in our life when we turn eight and make the choice to be baptized. These two cousins are insuperable and hopefully will be best friends forever.  Another tradition in our house is to have a baptism dress made from mommy's wedding dress.  One day we were at Costco and they had these beautiful dresses for only $10 score Syd wanted one ( I have to admit I was sad I wanted to make her dress) but she was so happy so we decided to add the same satin bottom of my wedding dress to hers and the bow on her dress and hair are from my wedding dress.Haiden also got to add a bow from her mommy's dress.  We had a fun night with these two besties!!!! They look A-mazing the lighting turned out just right and love my Baptism banner!!!!!! Cant wait for our special day. photo Baptism3_zps80aeb2ea.jpg  photo Baptism14_zpse225168e.jpg  photo Baptism2_zps5439c581.jpg  photo Baptism13_zpsd5b3c7e8.jpg  photo Baptism6_zps4709d85a.jpg
 photo Baptism7_zps72f20165.jpg  photo Baptism5_zpsbf93d01c.jpg  photo Baptism21_zps26f4dc61.jpg  photo Baptism10_zps25aee446.jpg  photo Baptism30_zpsdfe057d9.jpg  photo Baptism31_zpse1e337bc.jpg  photo baptism15_zpsa065b233.jpg


Aub said...

Beautiful lighting! Beautiful girls!

Lyns said...

SO SO cute!