Stream Fishin

Nothng like shootimg in full sun with a baby in one hand but it was a fun day. We found this stream as we were searching for a good fishing hole.....we scored one nice trout and tried all day to catch the other one we had seen.  Brandonn forgot his flies so the girls had fun finding bait for him all day every rock was turned over to find worms and all sorts of things that crawl jump or fly.  First Fishin of the summer!!!

 photo ElectricLake7_zps3093b1fb.jpg

 photo CopyofIMG_0184_zpse4b76463.jpg

 photo FishLake5_zps1dd4562a.jpg

 photo ElectricLake9_zps4b977d61.jpg

 photo ElectricLake10_zps4f7a38a8.jpg

 photo ElectricLake8_zpsa591ee04.jpg

 photo ElectricLake3_zpsd99e2848.jpg

 photo ElectriLakde6_zps7bbeb955.jpg

Invitation Design

 photo Londonrockstarparty2013_zps452a9a77.jpg

Do I really have a 10 year old.  Holy Cow we are celebrating it with an all out Jam Session.  Including Karoake, Thrift Shoppin, Jam Session, Paparazzi you name it we are gonna try to be RockStars.  London had hands on when designing this time as you can tell all her favs on here Zebra print lime green and blue.  She is definately my rockstar!!!!!