Halloween 2012

Yes Halloween might be my favorite Holiday.....maybe becuase I love Fall.  We sarte our festivities this year with Cairos class party on Tues.  She went as a mummy and I did not grab a good pic of her in her costume becuase I thought she was going to wear it again little did I know she was going to change her mind and be a witch.  Later that day we participated in the town trick or treat down main street, Londn had a Halloeen party with her Primay class and the two older girls had glow dance (black light).  That night we spent a good couple hours braiding hair and painting black fingernails.  On Halloween we had another round of glow dance for Cairo and then class parties at the Elementary school.  We then had a good time with friends at a Halloween party and rounded out the night with some Family Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.  So this year we ended up with a witch, a Pirate and Madussa.


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