Shirt Dress Tutorial


For Easter this year I wanted something different that I couldnt just go pickup at the store and my girls are getting to be in two different age sizes so it is getting harder to coordinate outfits. I have been seeing lots of t shirt dress tutorials and thought I would give it a whirl. Here is how I did min.

Originally I wanted yellow/white/ and grey color scheme but when I went to get fabric I ended up with a green/white/ and grey scheme. I just bougt a yard of each fabric at a total cost of $23 I also purchase the two white shirts for $3 each and the little grey dress we already had it was just getting a little short.

When I got home I went to cutting fabric for the layers of ruffles. I decided how big I wanted the ruffles they are six inches wide which allowed for hemming and such so the ruffles were actually 4 inches wide,and then did the length of the fabric long ways twice for each row of ruffle.

Next I needed extra fabric to attache the ruffles to to then attache to the shirt/dress. jersey fabric works the best and I was in luck I had two mod bod T with lace on the bottom that were getting armpit stains so we trimme them off the extra length I wanted for the dress. The lace adds an extra layer which is fun too.

Then I attached the two strips of fabric together to make one rufle. Hemmed it up and then did a long stich on it to later gather it. I do not have a gather pedal on my machine. Then I gather the ruffle up and attached it to the jersey shirt.

Repeat that step two more times and you are ready to attach the whole thng to the bottom of the shirt/dress and Voila you are done. I did add a fun flower embelishment to the dresses and made headbands to match.

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