24 hour remedy

As promised here is my remedy for fighting off cold and flu symptoms and getting myself back my feet in 24 hours. First and always first I will take a trip to see my Chiropractor for an adjusment. Not only will my achy muscles and stiff neck feel better but studies show that an adjustment will help boost your immune system. In the mornng I use Life Force International's Body Balance as a daily supplement and when feeling a cold or flu coming on I double up on my intake. Also for that scratchy/itcy/burning throat and or ears I gurggle a little Silver Biotics three times a day or put few drops in my ears. It will clear up any infection that I may have in there, it is a natural antibiotic. Next up to boost my immune system and give me some much added vitamins and my H20 intake I will drink Emergen- C. Also lots and lots of rest and recovery and VOILA 100% better the nex day. The best part, no awful side effects and no perscriptions.


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