Family Shoot


My little bro and his family came out to visit after Christmas. Pretty sure they were hoping for some snow to let th boys romp around in but there was no such thing this year. Lucky for us though we grabbed the good weather and headed outside for these pics. During and even After I was not sure how they wer going to turn out. Lots of different ages here, different attitudes and personalities, but after getting them up on the computer and doing a little cropping I really love how they turned out. Love my bro and his cute little fam. It was nice to have some boys in the house.


Aub said...

Thanks again Nelle! I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out either with Dax (too little to focus on camera) , Chase (busy & would rather eat candy & play in dirt than sit still) & Riley (going through weird smile phase & too scared to sit on ledge). So glad you were able to capture some though & although there was no snow we loved hanging out with you guys.

scrumches bunches said...

Cute pics Janelle I keep looking at them trying to find a favorite but I like them all.