My Inspirations week # 5

Here is my inpiration for the week. Mrs. Cai. She let me snap this pic of her after lunch last week. Her dad had to bribe her with a slurpy if she would just smile for me. She is my baby. I know she is 3.5 years old but she is. She gets away with almost anything, has a super sassy attitude and does not take anything from her older sisters. She is a tuff cookie. She wants to be so big but she is so tiny. Sometimes I wonder if she is tooo tiny but her dad reasures me that she is just fine. One thing that is not so tiny on her is her crazy hair. Some mornings she wakes up and it is out to neverland. Speaking of neverland it seems to be that peter pan is her fav. movie at the moment. This little girl inpires me to be better everyday.

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scrumches bunches said...

What an adorable picture Janelle. I sad that I am missing so much.