Week #2


What is this you might ask. This is my inspiration of the week. This is my kitchen table that is being used as a folding table for the hundreds of loads of laundry that are produced in my household somehow. This is just the girls stuff not to mention the load in the washer and the dryer and then I have three more loads in my closet for B and myslef. So how is this my inpiration of the week. Well it has inspired me to be better at the laundry. It all comes down to being organised I guess. Something I used to be really good at and am strivig for each day. Be inspiring.... how do you deal with your laundry piles?

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Knight knughts said...

Really laundry is done once a week. If I find extra time during the week or someone needs something that is dirty I put in a load. Clothes usually on Monday8-9 loads winter time clothes are bigger so sometimes it is more. Bedding and Towels Tuseday. When we get back form a trip it all goes in right away. Its not easy but it works for me. Good luck.