Valentine Cards are here..... and Project 52 week 3... oh and giveaway

Here they are 2011 Valentine Cards. Here are a few samples and I am working on a few more if you are interested in one of these designs please let me know so you can purchase and personalise it for yourself. If you would like a new design let me know. These are great for your friends and family and also as wallets for your kids classroom party handouts!!! By the way these are my inspirations for this week for my Project 52. I have always wanted to make my girls thier own Valentine Cards and I have just never gotten around to doing it so this year will be different. I let the girls each choose an animal they wanted on thier card. London picked the owl (no brainer) Syd wanted a bird and Cairo wanted an alligator (? she said like the one on Peter Pan, we have been watching that lately) So here they are.

And for the giveaway..... One person will recieve 20 wallet Valentines personalised of thier choice.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this bog post. If you want more entries you can like me on facebook and leave a post there too. Also leave a post on your blog linking to mine. So there you go three possible ways to enter. You can enter until 1/28/11 at midnight. I will then randomly pick a name and post it back here on Sat. morning you will have 24 hours to claim your prize!!!!






angie said...

Love these! Did you create the animals yourself? Pretty sure my girls would go for frogs, monkeys, and of course DOGS!
PS I made a link on my blog and I already you like you on facebook!

Knight knughts said...

Nelle I love them all and make my kids specialized cards too. I have been for a while now. I do stamping and embossing. It cracks me up that your oldest girl and my oldest girl love owls.

Aub said...

These are great! Very creative!

Lorien said...

Pick me Pick me Pick me!!! They are adorable!