Project 52


It seems as though every crafty/photo blog you go on anymore either has a 365 or 52 project. I have never done one in the past becuase I figured I would never follow through anyways so why bother. Well this year is different (even though I am two weeks behind alredy but I have great intentions on catching up) My reason for finally doing one is that I feel like I have more time (less time in the office) and I am feeling like I need to be inspired or at least realise and have gratitude for the things that do inspire me. So weekly I will post an inspiration of mine. This week is Mr. Whootie and Mrs. London all wrapped up in one photo. Mr. Whootie owl is an inspiration to me that I am indeed crafty and can actually finish a project. London is my inspiration for so many things I cannot count. Although sometimes (most of the time) we butt heads I have to step back and remind myslef that she is just like me only ten times better. I try to encourage her the best I know how I never want her to think I don't care and I always want her to know I am her biggest fan no matter what it is she is doing. She has so much going on in her little life that I was glad to get her room done fore her!! The whole time I was working on projects she would tell me I am the best mom ever!!!!! Know that is inspiration. To see more of her room click here

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Knight knughts said...

Will you make Joshlynn an owl she would love it.