Let's Get Physical

I mentioned that I wanted or needed more practice with my manual settings on my camera and it just so happens that our local gym needed some pictures taken for an upcoming event, so I offered my assistance (although this is not my thing) Here are some of my favorites that turned out. I hope they can use some of the photos I shot.

A Jump Start

I will be in he Farmington, NM area in June so I am getting a jump start on planning for my trip, while I am there I will be doing a little bit of work so if you live in that area and are interested in getting some great pics of your kids just in time for father's day here is a great opportunity for you. If interested please email me at

Making Wishes

We were out playing in the backyard and since it is spring there are a lot of dandelions growing or as my Syd calls them wishes. Here is a pic I snapped of her making her wishes.

Baby Addi

Addi and I had a playdate yesturday, athough her mother is a great photographer, I asked if I could come play and practice some of my new photo knowledge on lil miss Addison. She was so good, but wanted to stay warm and wrapped up in her little pink blankie. So we worked with it and she fell asleep all snuggled up. This little girl is such a miracle and brings so much happiness into her home.

It's Tme

So now that I have my feet wet (taking photos of my kids and family for three years now) and I have the right equipment (Valentines day gift from my hubby) and some phtography lessons under my belt (Thanks to Veronica Reeve) I am ready to step into business. I will be announcing the start up of Nelle's Nonsense, photography by Janelle Bradford in May. Watch out for pricing info and giveaways, so stay tuned.